Standard Disciplines


Clay Target Shooting can be enjoyed by people of all abilities as a recreation activity or at a competition level. Clay Target Shooting has many different disciplines including standard and Olympic variations.

The Werribee Clay Target Club offers Down the Line (DTL), Standard Skeet, 5 Stand Sporting plus the ISSF disciplines of Olympic Trench, Olympic Double Trap and Olympic Skeet.


At the Werribee Clay Target Club we provide great facilities for shooting the following standard variations of the clay target shooting disciplines.

Down the Line (DTL)

One of the more popular disciplines is DTL. DTL throws targets out of a trap house in front of you. The targets are released at varying angles but always going away from the shooter.

DTL is shot in rounds of 25 from five different stations and has many different forms of competition. Usually you can use two shots to try and break the one target released.

Standard Skeet

Skeet is shot on a different ground to DTL with two houses on either side of the field, a high house and a low house.

The shooter stands on eight different stations placed in a semicircle around the field and shoots a variety of singles and doubles to complete a round of 25 targets.

In general the targets thrown in Skeet are targets which cross in front of you.

5 Stand Sporting

This discipline throws the largest variety of targets imaginable! Targets going away, coming in, crossing in front, high tower as well as a bouncing rabbit and high quail to mention some.

5 Stand Sporting is very popular with most recreational shooters and is provided for practice.


The Werribee Victorian Clay Target Club has a reputable name with clay target shooters that participate in the sport at a more elite level. The club has Olympic standard equipment and is used as a common training ground for many current Olympians.

Olympic Trap (Trench)

Trench is shot from five different stations. The targets are released from fifteen different clay target throwing machines from a trap house that is level with the ground.

From each of the five different stations any one of three targets will be released. Similar to DTL two shots can be used to shoot at the one target.

Olympic Double Trap

This event uses the same shooting ground as Trench but only utilises the three centre machines. However, the targets are always released two at a time from a known destination, with two cartridges used to shoo two targets.

There is a variable delay of between 0 – 1 second from the time the target is called until the release of the target. Double Trap is shot over 25 pair (50 targets).

Olympic Skeet

Olympic skeet utilises the same ground as Standard Skeet. The rules are different in that the gun must start at the shooter’s hip and only when the target is released brought into the shoulder.

There is 0-3 second delay from the time the target is called until it is released and the involves less singles and more doubles to make a round of 25 targets.